A collaborative wiki, with a LISP syntax. And I don't mean the wiki engine is written in LISP. I mean the page content is.


Functional programming seems to have become chic again. Coming from an OO background, I have and little exposure to functional programming, save from some Scheme as an undergrad (you remember that, don't you?). Scala was a nice gateway language for me. I started to see the advantages.

LambdaWiki was my attempt at learing some of the fundamental concepts of functional programming. Writing the LISP compiler in Javascript was interesting and fun - I learned alot. Making it into a wiki started off as a goof, but it actually turned out to be semi-useful. Who'd have thought?

So, if you've ever wanted to write a link that looks like this:

(defun link (url text) 
    (concat "<a href=" url ">" text "</a>"))

(link "" "Kevin's Page")

LambdaWiki might just be for you. Try it out and check out the code, and let me know what you think!

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